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they're being remembered. >> he says woe like to see a more permanent memorial or veteran's housing built in it's place. we shall see. the conflict in iraq has exacted a severe human toll. the pentagon tells us now that, a total of 4486 u.s. troops were killed in iraq between 2003 and 2012. skppl of the troops who come home are struggling. many mightily. at the height of the conflict between six and 20% of returning troops reported suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, up to 20%. ap reports more than 110,000 iraqis were killed in the conflict between the start start of the war and april, 2009. >> we're going to shift gears dan. we're getting to much-needed rain tonight. summer in the bay area just before spring arrives tomorrow, our live camera from san jose
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shows clouds moving in. sandhya patel joins us now with a look. sandhya? >> things are starting to change quickly. as i show you, you'll see sprinkles, and some light showers right now. up in the north bay, i'm going to take new closer here so you can get a closer look as to where we're seeing light returns around lakeville. we're also seeing light nod rit rain around shellville, napa road down to street level here. we're looking at some heavier returns. not all of this is reaching the ground around napa road, highway 12, and as i pull out here i want to show what you is just off the coast line. moisture about 62 miles from san francisco getting here in the next couple hours. so steady rain coming up as you can sthee animation here. we'll see steadier rain in overnight hours continuing then at 5:00 a.m. scattered showers for the
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start of the commute by 1:00 p.m. cold front coming through the bay area but starts to fall. we're looking at light to moderate rain. i'll let you know how much rain we'll receive here and how long you'll need to hang on to umbrella autos crews from the water department are still mopping up the mess from a water main that broke this afternoon. that sent rushing water on to story road. east bound story road shut down to allow for clean up, buses rerouted. water service to nearby businesses and homes we understand was not affected. >> we learned today how two people died after a young race car driver lost control of the car. in a track over the weekend. a report shows the 14-year-old and 68-year-old died of multiple blunt force trauma a fourth generation racer were drive whgt car crashed on
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saturday. investigators are focusing on a possible problem with the steering wheel. >> the family of a san jose man shot and killed by police are angry tonight. but officers felt they needed to fire. a shooting took place last night in the east san jose foot hills. authorities say under cover officers spotted a stolen car. that is when investigators say the suspect put the car into reverse, driving at the officers. >> officer gave them commands to stop. suspect continued to drive. >> it's not okay to shoot in the middle. they didn't have to kill him. their intentions were to kill that. is what they did. >> the family identified the
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victim as a 26-year-old father of four with another child on the i way. police are just identified the officer who followed that dr-fire that had shot as a fifr year veteran. >> one san francisco police officer forced to shoot a dog yesterday at san francisco golden gate park this, picture posted to our facebook page. police say an officer was checking on a person sleeping at the park. the pit bull mix lunged at the officer biting his leg. the cop shot and killed the dog. the owner was arrested. >> person was booked on outstanding warrants for health code violations in relations to the dog being off the leash. >> police have had previous run ins because his dog was off leash. the officer treated for wounds to his leg. >> two men convicted in the biggest fraud case ever in san francisco now know how much time they'll be spending in prison.
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we have developments you'll see only on abc 7. the telecommunications executive jay shaw received 20 years in prison and a $14 million fine. though were convict forward a real estate skinneddel. they stole three condos. that is the image there. >> they're serious criminals and were sophisticated in what they did. >> they took out millions of dollars in loans against the properties. >> a suspected bank robber released from jail is back in kouft tonight. police arrested gary five
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junior. >> a california patrol officer has received one of the nation's top law enforcement awards for a heroic deed he did last year. officer carlton named a nation's top trooper by international association of police chiefs. the partner of ken onyoung storm who, you may recall was shot and killed by a gunman in alamo in september, 2012. the panel said officer displayed dmurj his attempt to save young storm's live and to keep the public save. >> pomp and pageantry to welcome the 266th poep of the roman catholic church. >> the vatican says 200,000
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pilgrims crowded into st. peter ace square. pope francis repeated his themes of humility and selflessness. >> embrace the whofl hue man tismt especial lit poorest, weakest, the least important. >> he is the first noneuropean pope to be elected in 117 years. >> in addition to the sex abuse scandal one of the other challenges facing pope francis will be addressing growing choruses for a greater role for women in the church. tonight a fremont order of nuns has a huge stake in that future. >> like many, the dominican
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sisters watched as pope francis presided over the mass. for many, what pope francis brings to the church and world was clear. >> headlines tomorrow should say we know have a green pope. my hope is that pope takes an active stance in preserving the beautiful world and our beautiful universe. >> pope francis appeared to be a ban of the people. >> the babies, the infirm. just touching the, you know, and put in his body what he, in his body what st. francis was about. >> perhaps less clear how the pope will lead the church out of the painful chapters of the past. >> it's a good thing it's being dealt with but it's not the only issue among the
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people of god. >> one area that sisters would like to see pope francis tackle greater leadership roles for women in the church. >> boy have liked to have seen more women involved in mass today but they wrchblt i think women need to be recognized as intelligent, committed ministries in the church. >> for some, the initial signs are hope of. but they need more time to see for themselves what kind of pope the former cardinal from argentina will be. >> come back in three months. >> coming up what a difference a year makes. a college system now looking at holding tuition steady, increasing enrollment. >> rebuilding from the flames is proving tougher than thought. and then from 7 on your side two internet service providers
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are announcing perks that could boost custome
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an overturned suv snarled traffic on the connector ramp between westbound 880 and northbound 101 this afternoon. the patrol says the driver suffered minor injuries after the car rolled on to its top. the accident cause aid brief closure but good news is that driver was not badly hurt. it reopened in time for the afternoon commute. >> there has been another set back for berkeley's renowned ches panisse restaurant. the blaze destroyed down stairs and upstairs kin dining
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areas. part of the interior was damaged, she says the repair work will be more significant and bigger project since both areas have to be demolished and then, rebuild. waters hoping to reopen in mid april but that is not likely to happen, now. >> a welcome turn around for embattled california state university system. trustees asked to find ways to spend additional money rather than decide on cuts thanks to $125 million in new funding in this year's state budget. all without raising tuition. >> this student debt, nationally, $1 trillion is unacceptable. you can't start live with huge detectives when someone gets married instead of saving for a house, they have to save to pay their college debts that. is not what we want for the future.
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>> the additional money generated through proposition 30 which temporarily raises taxes on high earners to help fund public ed oox state lawmaker introduce aid bill closing a loophole alouing out of state players to file california worker compensation clai.s right now, 3,000 retired players never played have worker's comp claims pending in california court claiming they were injured in that state. in case that's is costing state taxpayers millions. >> to a lot of chase bank customers got a big scare when they went online today. >> yes. looked as though all money was gone. >> yes. >> can you imagine? >> yes. >> imagine going on line,
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seeing your balance is zero. that is what happened to many chase bank customers many of those went online or used smart phone owes co-not see balances. is those who did manage to log on saw a zero balance. chase said it was an internal problem that has been resolved. so your money should show up if looking now. positive news on the housing front. foreclosures dropped in february, down 29% compared to the year before. lowest since the housing crisis started. fewer homeowners are underwater, fewer in danger of losing their homes.
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about 45,000 homes were lost to foreclosure last month. it's a battle of internet providers and consumers should come out winners, nearly all comcast customers seeing internet speeds doubled beginning today. the company says the faster speeds will come without an increase in price. the customers will get up greats not to be outdone, at and t will throw in a three item if you sign up for both u verse and either u verse tv or voice. love seeing any competition in these kinds of deals. >> that helps consumer autos so i asked if there verga? >> she laughed at me. >> i know.
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it s you're paying attention. we do have vergea. some moisture not hitting the ground. in areas it's hitting the ground. >> does my umbrella protect me from verga? >> it evaporates before hitting the ground. as we move along we do have light showers showing up. you'll see them here right now. taking you into the north bay here, a look around napa, browns valley road we're seeing some light showers being reported right now. in the east bay, you'll notice here 580, dublin bfd. some light returns here. pleasanton. not all of this is actually rain. some may just be sprinkles so let me show you a view from our camera. we have cloud cover. temperatures now 57 in san francisco.
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63 san carlos. 61 degrees today's highs from upper 50s to low 70s. you can see clouds gathering. they're expecting a rain-snow mix. this is not a storm that is a cold storm. high snow levels have been issued until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. napa now 61 degrees. 63 in livermore here, is a look at what is coming up. scattered showers tonight. periods of rain and a windy pattern setting up. satellite showing you incoming system. some sprinkles and showers but scattered showers really becoming more wide spread. as you look at our computer animation tonight you'll
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notice rain starts to move n just spotty scattered showers. cold front starts to slide down. so as the kmoout goes on, it will get wetter. by 1:00 p.m. cold front just falling apart. this doesn't look impressive. we'll see rain scattered showers throughout tomorrow evening. through thursday morning we're looking at two tenths to four ten lgths for the central bay. up to an inch expected through thursday morning. tomorrow morning mild start, temperatures into upper 40s to mid 50 was showers around. grab your umbrellas. make sure your little ones have your rain boots and coats. scattered showers continuing. temperatures will run cooler, 59 san francisco. oakland fremont, 62 degrees.
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63 palo alto. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we'll call it periods of rain. windy for thursday and friday. temperatures coming up a little bit and then, we hit the weekend it's going to be mild spring weather. low 70s inland. mid to upper 50s along the coastline. little change expected on monday and tuesday. spring starts tomorrow morning at 4:02. abc 7 news has another great resource to follow on twitter, for the very latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine get video forecasts and tweets from your favorite weather team. it has a twitter account. >> verga rain. >> we're tracking it all. >> thank you. >> well, still to come the
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incurable disease now reaching epidemic pro portions among the elderly. >> and coming up later the buying merchandise on your smart phone is easy but too easy? a man says he was just comparing prices when he wound up ordering an item he didn't want. michael finney investigates
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finding frtz alzheimer's association shows one in three adults over age 65 will zi from the disease or some form of dementia. the risk rose 39% between 2000 and 2010 according to the cdc. caucasians, women and those 85 and older are most at risk of dying from alzheimer's. researchers say living longer more deaths will be attributed
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to that disease as well. >> tonight a city council committee is going to be looking into expanding the smoking ban to three small parks. they include sarah wallace park and the california avenue business district. a staff report shows the city received complaints about the high level of smoking at the parks, smoking in palo alto is currently prohibiting in buildings open to the public, child care center asks service loxz more than 50% enclosed. >> san jess yeah soldier who's lost live fighting in vietnam will be honored in a new memorial. the monument black granite will feature names of 142 soldier who's died in the war the group built it so veteran who's lost loved ones will know sacrifice lbz remembered. >> the guy who's came back from vietnam were not recognized the way they are
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today. so we want to make sure we get that recognition. that people understand that the men who want to fight that war did so for their country. >> the monument will be officially dead kaitd and unveiled at noon march 30th. always remembered. >>
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coming up at 6:00 the bay area's bid to host 2016 super bowl at niners news stadium. tonight a look at big money demands nfl is making and they're probably not negotiatable. also, say street named for a labor leader why a lot of people now want to change it. and a look at a new way for schools to raise money during tough times call it bake sales of the 21 sent rism those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you very much. >> new year celebrations not over qlet. tomorrow marks beginning of the persian new year. >> yes. san jose held a small celebration during today's city council meeting introducing members of the iranian community and issued a prob clammation in honor of
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this is "world news." tonight, live on the line. the roommate who saved his campus from a massacre. >> he pulled the fire alarm and he has a gun out. >> new images tonight as police race to stop a tragedy. what went wrong? how did an explosion kill so many u.s. marines in a training exercise right here at home in nevada? rhythm to distraction. could your children be one of the biggest dangers in your car? the big surprises in our real-life road test tonight. and the crossing guard. 6'5" and a rich and famous basketball legend. why has he decided to spend his time protecting children's lives? >> let's go, let's go, let's go. good evening tonight. we see the pictures that show
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how close this nation came to another school massacre. we told you last night about the bullets and bombs amassed by a student at the university of central florida in orlando. tonight, we track down the roommate accredited with making the 911 call that may have saved the campus. abc's matt gutman is there. >> reporter: tonight the first video from police cameras tracking down a would-be killer. the moment cops with assault rifles discovered the body of james oliver seevakumaran, along with his arsenal for a mass murder. in the background, that fire alarm. police say the shooter set it off so he could get students out in the hallway and slaughter them. >> the suspected shooter pulled this fire alarm down. went back into his unit here. then he grabbed his gun. he went after one of his roommates who fled into the bathroom. >> reporter: that roommate called 911. >> he just pulled a fire alarm and he has a gun out. >> reporter: we

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